About the Giggling Greek


I am Chef Anastasia Alexander. I am of Greek ancestry and I learned my cooking skills from my maternal grandmother, who was insistent upon my learning all of the wonders of fresh and healthy preparation. I am proud to offer our menu items and to continue the traditions I learned both here and abroad.  All of the recipes have been in my family for many generations.   The ingredients are of the freshest and where possible organic sources.

The Giggling Greek was born the summer of 2006 at the Farmers Markets around the Denver Metro area.

It has been acknowledged in the nutrition field that the Mediterranean diet is possibly the healthiest diet on the planet.   We invite you to partake of the many tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine and to delight in the knowledge that you are doing something healthy and pleasurable for your body.

The basic precepts are:

  • Eat only the freshest foods in their season
  • Eat in moderation
  • Dine leisurely and partake of conversation
Giggling Greek - Authentic Greek Take-out & Catering in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador vimeo play